Talia discusses how, when in search for a procurement solution, companies often give up either flexibility or visibility.

“During the last six or twelve months has had a lot of talk about payments. We are hearing about payment in the world overall and even more in the consumer market. Examples like Bit coin, Apple Pay, E-payments and all types of others. People are starting to look at it that it does not have to be done in the traditional way that it was done before.

Also, there is a huge move for companies to move away from paper check and away from processing. So when it comes to the meetings an events category this issue has been raised in conversation. The challenge with business is that there has been the traditional pay process and the payment has been the final and controlling peace. If you could ensure that the boxes have been checked with data and proper approval, then that is easy to control. If you do it the other way around and initially give the credit card followed by checking the boxes, you start looking for where everything is and it gets mixed up which creates challenges.


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