In our industry, there’s a battleground that some people don’t even notice: Innovators vs. the status quo. Attend a conference and ask the simple question, “are you willing to invest and partner to solve your problems or is what you do and how you do it okay for now?”

What are the different answers you’ll get?

Innovators are looking every day to get better and find better solutions for their current processes. They’re willing to take the risk and put a solution forward, even if it may fail. Being a trailblazer means you’re constantly trying and innovating.

The status quo is typically happy with the way things are and don’t want to ruffle current practices. They wait for others in the industry to do the heavy lifting and then adopt new practices once it’s mainstream. I don’t think the status quo even realizes or admit they’re in the status quo.

Great companies are innovators, not status quo. And they’re employees are innovators. I’m starting to see that companies who stand out as innovators cultivate innovative employees and management who are going to continue to look and bring new solutions to improve their company.”

Are you in the status quo or an innovator?

Why use archaic systems when you could have the latest innovation?

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