Small Meetings

Streamline process and capture data for even your smallest meetings and events

briefcaseSmall Meetings allows for any employee to use our two-screen process to pay for that small executive meeting, employee event, or any other Meeting & Event spend.

Fast & Efficient

Easy to use

Our simple interface allows you to easily pay for smaller spend with minimal online entry and no need for keeping all those physical receipts.


Approved suppliers every time

For ordering something as small as sandwiches, you can easily order and pay for them through Eved. With all your approved suppliers already in your companies’ searchable Supplier Portal, it is a simple task to order lunch for that small team meeting.

All-Inclusive Data

Small event spend captured for the Meeting & Event category

Map your spend to the correct cost center to properly label payment for a whole view of Meeting & Event spend at your company. Eved gives insight into not just large events, but provides a complete picture of your spend, with even the smallest meetings managed through our software.

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Request & Order

Save time and money on manual data entry by requesting and managing all invoices in one place.


Pay your suppliers with ease, process your invoices and manage all payments for a hassle free experience.

Receive Payments

We offer supplier the best way to get paid by processing fast, accurately and with less fees than a card.

Data Insights

With all your spend in one place, all your data is too. Get the information you need to make strategic decision easily.

Creating the perfect event is hard. Your payments shouldn’t be.

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