lighthouseRequest & Order

Manage all orders and payments
in one place

lighthouseRequest & Order is a streamlined and easy way for an event planner to submit orders to their suppliers. Our software makes the best of the Purchase Order process.

Data Integrity And Efficiency Capture 100%

Capture your spend through payments

Get line-item detail on your order so you’re able to track exactly what you’re purchasing at a granular level.

greater Visibility

No more negative surprises

Tracking your order well in advance of when you have to pay allows you the ability to forecast accurately and eliminate any surprises during accrual reporting.

ActivE supplier network

Supplier control

Our Supplier Portal ensures only compliant suppliers are used and removes the need to onboard suppliers into the company vendor master.

In an era where almost every company is expected to do more with less, with Eved we are actually able to do that.

Jeanne Trogan

Executive Director Global Events

Complete the Toolkit

Combine our solutions for the best Meeting & Event payment system.


Pay your suppliers with ease, process your invoices and manage all payments for a hassle free experience.

Receive Payments

We offer supplier the best way to get paid by processing fast, accurately and with less fees than a card.

Data Insights

With all your spend in one place, all your data is too. Get the information you need to make strategic decision easily.

Small Meetings

Get visibility into even your ‘smallest’ unmanaged event spend with our core software.

Creating the perfect event is hard. Your payments shouldn’t be.

Get the easier more efficient way to pay.