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Showcase your products and services to gain incremental business, become part of a preferred supplier program and reduce your cost of sale.

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EvedPay is the only payment solution specifically built for the event category.  When you accept EvedPay, you unlock exclusive supplier benefits including marketing tools to boost your sales efforts and drive new business.

Over 50% of users prefer EvedPay to Credit Card!

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"EvedPay is really easy and convenient. And their service level is great.”

- Robin, AP Director at Atlanta-area hotel

Generic_-_Improve_margins_and_cashflow_with_Eved-1.pngImprove margins and cash flow with payments direct-deposited into your account & quick reconciliation


Increase your revenue with free promotion to large enterprises and discounted volume rates

Generic_-_Elimiate_billing_disputes-1.pngEliminate billing disputes with real-time collaboration and streamlined change management 

Generic_-_Save_time_and_Money_with_Eved-1.pngSave time and money by eliminating manual data entry and linking to your client’s procurement platform

Genetic_-_transform_the_event_industry_payment_solution-1.pngTransform an industry toward a global payment solution supporting 150 currencies

Generic_-_Embrace_new_supplier_payment-1.pngEmbrace the favorite way for Fortune 500 businesses to pay their event suppliers

It Pays To Accept EvedPay

With EvedPay, merchant fees are highly competitive to alternatives. No set-up fees, no monthly fees or termination fees. You only pay when you get paid and the more volume you do, the lower your merchant rate. 


Purchase Order
(i.e. Ariba, SAP, Oracle)

Credit Card


 No charge-back risk

 Included in client private network

 Accepted globally

 Ease of use: On-boarding

 Ease of use: Payment

 Speed to pay

 Included in merchant network

 Real-time reporting & analytics

 Payment status visibility

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How Eved Works for Event Suppliers

Create a stunning profile to draw RFPs your way


Save time and build flexible quotes with a Scope of Services

Keep all your event communications with Eved POs

Do what you do best and get funds deposited directly in your account

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