Manage and pay your bills effortlessly

Need help managing and paying bills?

Whether you plan one event a year for your manager or serve as a professional planner year round, managing and paying bills for events can be a huge time suck and take you away from creating the best experience.

By making it easier to manage and pay your bills event creators can focus on being experience builders and improve the quality and impact of their events. From finding approved suppliers, to routing invoices for approval, Eved makes it easy for the planner.

EvedPay: the best way to pay!

Prevent overpayment and align services delivered with invoice use our three-way budget/invoice/payment match.

Using EvedPay to pay your suppliers you can easily:

  • Manage and Pay your bills.
  • Eliminate card reconciliation.
  • Minimize approval process and approval delays.
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry.
  • Have confidence that your suppliers get paid on time
  • Gain visibility into your suppliers payments.

Eved has the solution for event planners.

Get in touch with us and learn how our Eved can have event planners focusing less on the administrative tasks and more on creating the best experience possible.