Spend less time at your desk and more time selling.


Say goodbye to meeting binders and duplicate entry.

Be equipped with the tools to run your company with more visibility into financials, efficient processes and control of your business, which translates into growing your net profit.

Save time company wide

From start to finish, Eved's technology streamlines your workflow and will have you doubling your net profit in no time.

  • Search
    Search your online product catalog to quickly select from the products you sell and resell.
  • Build
    Create customized, interactive and media rich proposals in half the time.
  • Manage
    Automate contracts, costing, invoices, purchase orders and change orders. Collaborate with your team, clients and suppliers.
  • Reconcile
    Close programs and pay you suppliers faster. View detailed spend and sales analysis reports in one easy step.

Save Dollars, Gain Hours & Improve Events

Cut costs and save time all while improving the quality of your events? Woah. It's possible, but only with Eved!

Use your newly freed time to bring in new business or spend the extra cash to vacation on the beach - that's the only decision you'll have to make after you see the benefits Eved has to offer.

No need to continue using separate systems that create a fragmented, decentralized and difficult to manage process. With Eved, you have everything you need from creating and customizing proposals to reconciling an event and everything in between.

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