Traditional systems stop short of the event category.

With Eved, you can extend your financial system of record to the category.

Redefining Spend Management for Events

Eved is redefining spend management for events: All payments, all data, all users Returning to your financial system of record.

Save time company wide

From start to finish, Eved's technology streamlines your workflow and will have you doubling your net profile in no time.

  • All payments: Digital payment solution enables your AP system to be the single source of payments globally for M&E, giving you back front-end controls
  • All data: Automated spend data capture provides data accuracy, eliminating manual entry and card reconciliation
  • All users: From professional planners to admins, one simple system flexible for all types of users

A digital payment network wrapped by state of the art software.

Ditch the Card. EvedPay has you covered.

Yes you also have P.Os but traditional ERP systems don’t work for events due to

  • the multiple one off suppliers around the globe,
  • the payment term variation,
  • multiple change orders
  • complexity of the requirements.

Companies shifted to card for events that provided flexibility but created inefficiency, loss of data and loss of front end controls.

No need to continue using separate systems that create a fragmented, decentralized and difficult to manage process. With Eved, you have everything you need from creating and customizing proposals to reconciling an event and everything in between.

Having visibility to where we’re spending and with whom we’re spending has allowed us to consolidate those investments with certain vendors. Which in turn gives us volume discounts, which in terms gives us bang for our buck. That’s incredibly important in an era where just about every company is expected to do more with less, and because of Eved, we’re actually able to do that. - Jeanne Trogan, Executive Director, Global Events, Dell

Companies also looked to their third party agency or meeting company to procure and manage the payments to suppliers of all pass through costs. While this solution enables the flexibility of one vendor, there is loss of control and very expensive.

This process is done by the partner manually, and the risk of the same company managing your budgets, procuring suppliers, negotiating with suppliers, sending you cost savings and paying your suppliers creates a huge risk and conflict of interest.


Strategic Spend Management For The Event Category

Eved connects event, procurement, finance personnel to suppliers, capturing 100% of actionable event spend data and extending to your system of record.

Bring on Eved. Bring on the Savings.