Data Insights

Get the information you need to make strategic decisions easily

One System

All your data in one place

All historical and category spend insights are easily accessible from your dashboard in the form of charts, graphs and tables. You can compare spend across different suppliers and event categories, giving you clear direction on strategic decision-making no matter what your goals may be.

Manage Budgets

Accurately predict your future Meeting & Event spend

We can reconcile your payments quickly, and account for planned payments, to allow you to make more accurate spend forecasts year-over-year or in any timeframe.

Save Money

Compare your divisional spend

Get the only digital payment solution that allows you to compare your spend across groups, regions, divisions, you name it! Our software shows management exactly how each division manages spend, allowing for more educated planning decisions.

Save Time

Quickly access your data

There is no need to stitch together spreadsheets or wish that your current systems could talk to each other. Our software allows you to generate the reports you need to make strategic decisions without reconciling multiple systems and documents.

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Complete the Toolkit

Combine our solutions for the best Meeting & Event payment system.


Pay your suppliers with ease and process your invoices to manage all M&E payments in one software solution.

Request & Order

Save time and money on manual data entry by requesting and managing all invoices in one place.

Small Meetings

A self-service portal allows you to find preferred vendors and pay them     .......................quickly. llkjkjkllkjkklklkjkjlklkjkjklkjkljkl

Receive Payments

We offer suppliers the best way to get paid by processing fast, accurately and with lower fees than a card.

Get the information you need to make strategic decisions easily with Eved


Why use archaic systems when you could have the latest innovation?

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