Case Study: A Fortune 100 Technology Company.

The Challenge

Unmanagable Overhead Due to PO Volume

  • High labor/cost due to PO volume​
  • Length of time to process a PO​
  • Too many suppliers to onboard and manage​
The Solution

Reduced Time and Cost, Added Visibility 

    • Now with Eved, have the digital buying channel with great transparency and control over the purchasing process before spend is committed
    • Supplier onboarding managed by Eved, with a reduced costs
    • Eliminated need to write POs
    • Visibility into budget spend throughout the planning process
    • Eliminate need to manage payment and reconciliation

Results with Eved

Double-digit % payment cost savings​
Reduced payment cycle by 77%​
100% customer satisfaction survey from users​

Solutions For Any Problem

Combine our solutions for the best Meeting & Event payment system


Pay your suppliers with ease, process your invoices, and manage all payments for a hassle free experience.

Data Insights

With all your spend in one place, all your data is too. Get the information you need to make strategic decision easily.

Request & Order

Save time and money on manual data entry by requesting and managing all invoices in one place.

Small Meetings

Get visibility into even you ‘smallest’ umanaged event spend with our core software.

Receive Payments

We offer supplier the best way to get paid by processing fast, accuratlely and with less fees than a card.

Creating the perfect event is hard. Your payments shouldn’t be.

Get the easier, more efficient way to pay.

Why use archaic systems when you could have the latest innovation?

Find out why your current payment systems are failing you and how we can help.

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