What Does Speaking to a Room Full of Olympians look like?

Posted by Yael Mashiach on Oct 7, 2016 6:02:43 PM

Last Thursday evening, Talia Mashiach was invited by EY to speak to 25 elite female athletes from around the world that were selected for the Women Athletes Business Network (WABN) center program in partnership with The International Women’s Forum Global Conference. EY asked Talia to join the women for dinner to spotlight the career of one of the Entrepreneurial Winning Women. Not only was Talia a Winning Woman, but she was also a star athlete while in high school and credits her experience in sports for many of her skills that help her to be a successful entrepreneur. Talia shared her own story of building both of her companies and the challenges she faced and continues to face along the journey. One of the gold-medalist woman shared her inspiring emotional journey to the podium in the recent summer Olympics. Talia was fascinated by the similarity to a mutual feeling when she sold and exited her first company. They both expressed their excitement surrounding the moment of their greatest accomplishments, but soon after, their focus shifted to the journey that got them there and the people who believed in them from the start.

Here’s what the Olympians learned from Talia:

1.Mistakes don’t hold you back, they push you forward.

Does imperfection scare you?

Talia was asked how she handled her mistakes and failures. She responded that instead of being upset when she makes a mistake, she uses it as a learning experience to continue to be the best person she can be. Another athlete said that she appreciated how genuine Talia was and loved that she kept on mentioning the words, “I’m working on it”. Talia made it very clear that even as an entrepreneur, with all the success, one is not perfect nor will ever be perfect.











2.Enjoy the journey and create moments and memories

“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.”-Unknown Author

Often times our eyes are zoomed in on the problem at work we are dealing with or the person we are having difficulty with and we get frustrated when things are just not going our way. Talia explained that every stage of life has its setbacks and challenges, but if we, “enjoy the journey and create moments and memories,” then every situation, good or bad, becomes a stepping stone.

Karina LeBlanc @karinaleblanc Sep 29
"Create moment and memories daily" thanks @Ceomomof5 for those powerful words #Top40under40. Such an authentic successful women.

3.Life is a balance

“Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you you’re weak, it only means you are wise”-Iliketoquote

The women asked Talia how a CEO of a startup company, a mother of five, a friend, a daughter, a wife and a sister does it all. She explained that she prioritizes her time and surrounds herself with great people. She shared that people are scared to ask for help, but it actually shows confidence. In order to be successful in all the areas you are placed in, you have to surround yourself with the people that can help you through.

Who knew Olympians could be inspired from a CEO…go figure.

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