Tuesday's with Talia - Why Eved and Event Commerce?

Posted by Talia Mashiach on Jan 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Talia Mashiach

Meet Eved's CEO, Founder and Product Architect, Talia Mashiach. She's starting a series of educational blog posts about the evolution of technology in the event industry. 

        purple-quotation-mark-hi My name is Talia Mashiach, I’m the CEO, Founder and Product Architect of Eved. I’m starting Tuesday’s with Talia to share some of my own thoughts, what I’m hearing in the market and how this could be helpful to serve as an interesting and educational experience.

           I’m often asked why I started Eved and did a technology startup in the event industry versus doing healthcare or something else. I’m by trait a technology entrepreneur not necessarily someone who directly came from events and my answer to that is centered around the passion for human connections and the passion of what it means for businesses to truly be able to connect with their audience. To me, there’s nothing more powerful than connecting with your audience, than being able to have something live, being able to talk with somebody across the table. Live events foster as the most powerful marketing channel to facilitate that human connection.

           I think about this ever-increasing digital world, I’ve got five kids of my own, ranging from ages of 18 all the way down to 5 and they are always on their electronics and when you actually have the opportunity to interact to talk with someone it’s just a completely different experience. The world is continuing to be more and more digital, and I see that power of the human connection becoming more and more important and valuable, and that is why I started Eved. Live events will take the number one marketing channel by the year 2020, but the most important thing in getting there is to be able to provide technology and tools to help make those events much more productive and allow those budgets to go a lot further, and Eved could really help to do that.

           If you think about the opportunity of live events for a company and why that is such a powerful marketing channel, you’ve got a captive audience for whether it’s a 12 hour, 24 hour, 3 day event – that’s 48 hours – that are completely focused on the content you’re delivering to them, on interacting with the people you put in front of them and nothing compares to that, you cannot get that captive audience. You try on web to get their attention for two seconds, but now you’ve got three days of their attention to deliver whatever content you want. There is just nothing else as powerful as that.purple-quotation-mark-right-hi


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