Scrum, For a Bright Future at Eved.

Posted by Luke Skertich on Mar 7, 2017 9:38:18 AM
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Luke bullet.pngAgile, Kanban, Scrum… what does it all mean? For technology companies, these words typically come to mind when talking about product development. Though no method is a magic bullet, one fit better than others at Eved. Here at Eved, we use Scrum to keep us on track with our project management.


Geography matters.
Eved is a geographically diverse company. With our development team in Romania, designers in Israel, and product team in the United States, we really do work around the clock! Daily scrum, our fancy word for stand-ups with each team, enables excellent communication. Constant communication allow us to push product efficiently. We define tasks within teams, and we empower individuals to their own work. Ultimately, solutions are turned around faster and software is released on a regular basis for clients.

Closing the loop.
All too often, business groups may feel like development efforts take too long. Conversely, technology folks can blame a lack of project scope or up-front requirements from the business groups.

To prevent these conflicts at Eved, we share product vision with the entire company, and update everyone (we mean everyone!) on project requirements. Once development is complete, we show tangible results feature-by-feature. When product closes the loop, buy-in is universal and everyone becomes a part of the team.

Delivering results.
We have a two-week sprint cycle at Eved. This means we have new production-ready code every ten business days. We love having a short cycle because we can tinker with project requirements as they change and grow. At the end of each sprint, we take a quick breath and look back at what we did well and where we can improve. A hallmark of scrum is continuous feedback. We welcome tough questions and encourage feedback from all users to continue to exceed their expectations.

Teams love their autonomy and though we may be an ocean away, we’re a close-knit bunch. Scrum helps us with effective communication to create a great product. This keeps all groups within the organization on the same page, and creates happy clients. And when our clients are happy, we are too!


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