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When you collaborate across all stakeholders, your live events will thrive



Aggregate buying power and maximize budgets with our source-to-settle solution.


Marketing & Events

Ditch the paper meeting binder and unleash your team’s creative juices.



Automate compliance and payments and make budget overages a thing of the past.



Wow your clients and be in sync with the ever-changing nature of live events.


Event Commerce in Eved


Results that make an impact

Top Brands Strategically Manage Their Events on Eved


Make Your Events 70% More Efficient

Reduce the number of steps it takes to manage your events and streamline your workflow from initial creation through payment. Track your progress, monitor the budget in real time, and revel in one-step reconciliation. Eved’s at-a-glance dashboard puts critical information front and center so you always know where things stand.


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Improve Compliance by 50%

Eved’s procurement-driven approach and centralized supplier payment enforces your company’s controls and sourcing requirements. Access to real-time spend visibility keeps budgets in check and prevents overpayment. By integrating with existing financial and ERP systems, our technology guarantees services delivered are aligned with invoicing using three-way match invoice automation.


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Get an Average of 20% Cost Savings

Whether you are looking to replace P-Cards and credit card payments with a lower-fee solution or you just want detailed visibility into where money is going, Eved helps reduce overall event costs. Manage negotiated supplier rates in one place to ensure discounts don’t fall through the cracks.


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Boost Event Quality by 30%

By reducing the back-end financial and procurement workload, event creators can focus on being experience builders and improve the quality and impact of their events. From the beginning proposal stage, Eved makes it easy for event teams to collaborate with their suppliers, and eliminates manual, error-ridden data entry along the way.


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 “We were able to achieve a double-digit percentage on savings, a dollar on dollar spend. Eved allowed the various business entities such as legal, finance, procurement and marketing to focus on a single solution that would address all of their individual needs.”

Teddy Oberts

Global Procurement Manager for Meetings, Events and Marketing



hours-icon 70%
efficiencies in workflow
partners-icon 50%
compliance improvement
hours-icon 100%
actionable event data
hours-icon 20%
cost savings

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