Redefining spend management for events.


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Eved connects event, procurement, finance personnel to suppliers, capturing 100% of actionable event spend data and extending to your system of record.

Meetings and events move quickly. Your traditional ERP and payments systems don't.

Traditional ERP systems are not fast enough to support the complexity of the event category. Yet, if you move to the current alternatives like card or third party vendor, you lose your global system of record for this critical category, creating significant risk.

The Risks

Data Integrity and Efficiency

Manual Entry and third party vendor reporting cost you head count and challenge the confidence in the data’s accuracy. In addtion, credit cards for meetings do not provide level 3 data and requires significant reconciliation effort and cost to cover head count.

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Compliance and Control

Say good bye to credit card fraud, budget overages and accrual challenges. Eved wraps state of the art software around a digital payment network connecting into your financial system and process. Eved plus your AP system bring the control back to you.

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Timely and Accurate Supplier Payments

Paying your suppliers on-time with the right amount is one of the keys to a healthy relationship. Eved’s software and digital payment network makes it as easy as paying one invoice a week to one vendor from your AP system solving administrative intensive and inefficient processes.

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A simple, powerful remedy to the bac k-office workload weighing down your events.

Capture the Three C's

Eved is redefining how companies do spend management for meetings and events with our innovative EvedPay solution that enables all payments, all data, all users.

75% less than Card and third party to make payments
100% control over your payments
25% better experience for your stakeholders than card or PO

Cost: Reduce Payment Cost by  75% 

- Simplify and streamline payment process
- Supplier onboarding managed by Eved
- Card reconciliation eliminated
- Batch process significantly reduces transaction cost

Control:  Improve Payment Controls by 100% 

- Front-end approvals
- Three-way-match reduces leakage
- Budget controls prevent accidental overage
- Terms enforced
- Card fraud eliminated
- Diversity spend and VAT tracking

Customers: Increase Customer Experience by 25%

- Less time spent on administrative tasks means more time focused on creating exceptional events
- More accurate accruals and forecasting
- Less burden on suppliers and partners to report spend and savings

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Close your Loop and see your savings with Eved

eved-theloop.pngAre you using an SMM system to help manage your meeting spend? Close your loop and stop paying headcount to manually enter your data. Eved works with your current AP system to process the payments and send the accurate financial data to your SMM system ensuring your financial data and spend data match 100% with no manual entry. See our partnership with Lanyon 

Data > than Opinion.

Take a minute to calculate your hourly savings with Eved!

Calculate Your Savings! 

DELL's Double-Digit Percentage Savings

Dell needed tools to better manage their event spend category. By gaining visibility into their spend, they experienced cost savings, time and process efficiencies and improved the quality of their events.

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Fortune 100 Technology Provider Gains Visibility

The client needed a solution to gain visibility into their meeting and event spend in order to create cost savings, reduce the number of their preferred suppliers, and automate the supplier payments process.

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“ This should be the review of your product from your client side. All the reviews which are used here should be positive. There should not inlcude any negative reviews. “


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“ This should be the review of your product from your client side. All the reviews which are used here should be positive. There should not inlcude any negative reviews. “


Company name, Job title

Eved + Lanyon = Better together

Close the loop with Eved and Lanyon. Redefining spend management for events together.

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